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 Elvish clan

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Siori's sexy boyfriend. Also her baby boy.

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Elvish clan Left_bar_bleue9223372036854775807/9223372036854775807Elvish clan Empty_bar_bleue  (9223372036854775807/9223372036854775807)
Elvish clan Left_bar_bleue9223372036854775807/9223372036854775807Elvish clan Empty_bar_bleue  (9223372036854775807/9223372036854775807)
Elvish clan Left_bar_bleue9223372036854775807/9223372036854775807Elvish clan Empty_bar_bleue  (9223372036854775807/9223372036854775807)

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PostSubject: Elvish clan   Elvish clan EmptySat Nov 01, 2008 9:46 am

This is a clan that specializes in weapon making. There race lived for ages until they were hunted down and killed. Only One MY parents hid me inside a tree and the tree sealed up hiding me from the worlkd. over time i llost the taste for human food and ate wat the tree gave me. It protected me then when i was about the age of 10 it opened up and let me out. when i stepped out the tree changed into a human or half-elf the half-elf was a woman who had fallen in love with me. she taught me evrything from weapon making and much more.

Abilities: The abilities to use magic.
genin have to learn spells and say names to work them. and there low level.
chunin the spells increase and not every spell requires an incantation to work the magic.
jounin: requir no incantation to work magic and spells are the strongest.

The ablilty to shape shift.
Genin: small animals or things
chunin: small and medium animals or things
jounin all kinds of things or things

Rage- The ability to when enraged to increase every stat. when activated if not jounin u could send ur heart rate over the edge into bursting.
Genin: use it longer than 5 post u die
chunin: use longer than 10 post u die
jounin: use longer than 20 posts u die

select few may join.

I love you!
~You know who
i love u sierra but u won't talk to me. all i want to hear u say i love u even if its just once even if u rather be with someone else and not talk to me.
Elvish clan Sad%20Naruto
im alone like always. wondering y everything goes wrong no matter how much i love and try to fix them.
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Elvish clan
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